Policies are approved by the Council to guide the professional knowledge, skills and judgment needed to practice midwifery safely in Nova Scotia.

Policy on registration with Medavie Blue Cross

The midwife promotes informed choice throughout the childbearing experience.

Promotion of and respect for the client’s informed choice is a fundamental principle of midwifery practice.

Policy on Continuing Competence in fetal health surveillance

Policy on continuing competence in neonatal resuscitation

Obtaining specialized training from a MRCNS approved course for inserting intrauterine contraception.

Policy on clinical experience shortfalls

Policy on registration with Medavie Blue Cross

Policy on liability insurance

Applicants seeking licensure for clinical midwifery practice must meet continuing competency requirements as set out in the Regulations Respecting Midwifery, section 12 (b):

Policy on non-clinical licensure

Provisional licensure and supervised practice policy