We ensure midwives
in Nova Scotia
meet the highest standards.


The Midwifery Regulatory College of Nova Scotia was established in 2009 and is the only regulator of midwives in the province of Nova Scotia.

MRCNS Vision

A responsive, innovative and trusted leader in Midwifery regulation.

MRCNS Mission

The mission of the Council is to ensure that all pregnant people and their families receive a high standard of midwifery care in Nova Scotia.

  • We protect the public by ensuring that all registrants engaged in midwifery practice are safe, competent and ethical practitioners, and;
  • We set and maintain practice standards and a code of ethics; 
  • We register and licence those qualified to practise midwifery;
  • We approve midwifery education programs; 
  • We intervene to ensure safe and ethical  practice; 
  • We ensure midwives meet the highest standards of professional conduct by enforcing the Code of Ethics, the Midwifery Act and the Council’s Regulations and Standards

MRCNS Mandate

The legislated mandate of the Midwifery Regulatory Council of Nova Scotia is to serve and protect the public interest by regulating the practice of midwifery.



To fulfill our mandate, we:
  • Are accountable to the public and government
  • Regulate the practice of midwifery in accordance with the registration, licensing and professional conduct processes set out in the Midwifery Act and the Council’s Regulations
  • Establish, maintain and promote Standards of Midwifery Practice
  • Approve, monitor and enforce the Code of Ethics
  • Approve midwifery educational programs and exams
  • Promote competent practice through the development and maintenance of a continuing competence program
  • Investigate complaints and take disciplinary action related to incompetent, impaired, or unethical practice


Nova Scotia Regulated Health Professions Network

We are proud members of the Nova Scotia Regulated Health Professions Network.
“We are the combined conscience of Nova Scotia’s self-regulated health professions. As a network of health regulators we work together to uphold and protect the public through collaborative regulation.”
Learn more about the NSRHPN here.

Canadian Midwifery Regulators Council

We are members of the Canadian Midwifery Regulators Council, a network of provincial and territorial regulatory authorities. Collectively, we regulate the profession of midwifery, setting and maintaining high standards of practice, and ensuring regulatory harmony across the country.
Learn more about the CRMC here.

The Canadian Midwifery Regulators Council (CMRC) is committed to the values of equity, diversity and inclusion. Click here to read the Council’s full statement.


Jenny Wright

Registrar / Executive Director

T: (902) 455-5867


The Registrar is responsible for the licensing of qualified midwives in accordance with the Midwifery Act.

The Executive Director of the Council is responsible for planning and implementing the programs of the Council as well as the administration of the Council and its internal staffing and management.

The Registrar is also the Secretary of the Council.


Jennifer Neil

Executive Assistant


Members of Council

Theresa Pickart, R.M.

Chair, Registered Midwife

Teri Crawford, R.N.

Vice Chair, RN Representative

Karin Wallace

Treasurer, Public Representative

Dr. Anne Houstoun, M.D.

Physician Representative

Paulette Anderson

Public Representative

Jolinne Kearns

Public Representative

Council Directors

The Council is comprised of three midwives recommended by the Nova Scotia Association of midwives; a registered nurse recommended by the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia; a physician recommended by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia; and up to three public members who are not members of a health profession.

Meeting Schedule

The Council is required to meet quarterly. Meetings of the Council are open to the public. Please contact MRCNS for information about the time and location of meetings.

2024 Council Meetings:

January 9, 2024
January 22, 2024
May 21, 2024
July 29, 2024   [AGM]
September 17, 2024
November 19, 2024

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Registration Committee

This committee considers and recommends any application for registration or accreditation referred to the committee by the Registrar; and makes recommendations to Council respecting all applications for extension of time, reductions in requirements, equivalent experience and other variations from the requirements of the regulations authorized by the regulations.

Registration Appeal Committee

An applicant who is refused registration may appeal that decision to the Registration Appeal Committee. This Committee reviews the decision made by the Registrar and makes a determination that, in its opinion, ought to have been made by the Registrar. The decision of the Registration Appeal Committee is final.

Did you know there is a Midwifery Association?


The Association of Nova Scotia Midwives

The ANSM is the provincial organization representing registered midwives and the profession of midwifery in Nova Scotia.

Find out more about the ANSM by clicking the button below.

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No positions currently available with MRCNS.

Contact Us

Registrar/Executive Director
Jenny Wright

Executive Assistant
Jennifer Neil

Midwifery Regulatory Council of Nova Scotia
Suite 300 – 120 Western Parkway
Bedford,  Nova Scotia, Canada
Halifax, B4B 0V2

(902) 455-5867

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