Registered Midwives in Nova Scotia.


The Council’s public register or “Find a Midwife” is a complete listing of midwives that have been registered with the Council. Its purpose is to provide clients and the public with information about Nova Scotia Midwives and where they are practising. The online public register allows you to verify the registration of a midwife in Nova Scotia.

If you cannot find your midwife’s name in the public register or you suspect that someone you are dealing with is not registered with the Council, please contact us immediately at 902-424-3218.

South Shore Community Midwives

Registered Midwives

  • Janet Holtham, R.M.
  • Molly Lumby, R.M.
  • Kalyn Moore, R.M
  • Manon Gamache, R.M.

Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital
14 High Street
PO Box 1180
Lunenburg, NS, B0J 2C0

T: 902 634 7375
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IWK Community Midwives

Registered Midwives

  • CJ Blennerhasset, R.M.
  • Kelly Chisholm, R.M.
  • Kerry MacDonald Jackson, R.M.
  • Lian Pansino, R.M.
  • Theresa Pickart, R.M.
  • Coral Maloney, R.M.
  • Jessica MacDonald R.M.
  • Shannon Kaupp R.M.
  • Zoe Broersma R.M.

68 Highfield Park Drive
Dartmouth, NS, B3A 4X1

T: 902 491-2292
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Highland Community Midwives

Registered Midwives

  • Lindsey Reinhart R.M.
  • Juliette Mudra R.M.
  • Leslee Larsen R.M.
  • Rae Ann Haley R.M.


St. Martha’s Hospital
25 Bay Street
Antigonish, NS, B2G 2G4

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Active Practising Non Clinical Midwives

In Nova Scotia, the practice of midwifery as defined in section 2 (i) of the Midwifery Act includes the non-clinical activities of research, education, consultation, management, administration, regulation, policy or system development related to midwifery.

Active Practising Non Clinical Registered Midwives

Jennifer Murdoch R.M.