The Midwifery Regulatory Council of Nova Scotia was established in 2009 to govern the profession of midwifery in the province.


Legislation and Regulations

The role of the Council, its authority and powers are set out in the Midwifery Act and Regulations. Learn more about how midwifery is regulated in Nova Scotia.

Policy and Standards

Standards and policies are approved by the council to guide the professional knowledge, skills and judgment needed to practice midwifery safely in Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia Midwives, you can now register online! Whether you are a new registrant or renewing your annual licence, set up your own personal account.

Complaint Form

If you have a concern about the care provided by a Registered Midwife, contact the Registrar to discuss your concerns and decide if you wish to make a complaint.

About The Midwifery Regulatory Council of Nova Scotia

As a health regulator, the Council regulates the profession of midwifery in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, in accordance with the Midwifery Act, Regulations, Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
The Council registers qualified, competent midwives to provide safe, high quality care to pregnant people and their families in Nova Scotia. We are mandated to protect the public by ensuring that all registrants engaged in clinical midwifery practice are safe, competent, and ethical practitioners.

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