Title Description
pdf Policy on Use of Titles

Only a registered midwife can use the term “midwife”

pdf Display of Certificate of Registration

Midwives must display their licences at their place of employment

pdf Liability Insurance

Midwives must have liability insurance to practice midwifery

pdf Registration with Medavie Blue Cross

Midwives must be registered with Blue Cross

pdf Non-Clinical Licensure

Midwives may also have non-clinical licences

pdf Clinical Experience Requirements

Midwives must have specific clinical experience to practice

pdf Clinical Experience Shortfalls

Limited shortfalls in numbers may be addressed through supervision

pdf Provisional Licensure and Supervised Practice Policy

Some midwives may need supervision and provisional licences

pdf Indications for Discussion, Consultation and Transfer of Care

Midwives are sometimes required to discuss and consult with other members of their teams and other health care providers

pdf Guidelines for Prescribing, Ordering and Administering Drugs

Midwives are able to prescribe and administer drugs

pdf Client Requests for Care Outside Midwifery Standards

When a client requests care that is outside the scope of the midwife’s practice

pdf Guidelines for Screening and Diagnostic Tests

Midwives are able to order routine tests

pdf Informed Choice Policy

Midwives promote informed choice throughout the childbearing experience

pdf Policy on Competency in Emergency Skills

Midwives must complete an emergency skills course every two years

pdf Policy on Continuing Competency in Neonatal Resuscitation

Midwives must be certified annually in neonatal resuscitation

pdf Policy on Continuing Competency in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Midwives must be certified every two years in cardiopulmonary resuscitation

pdf Required Equipment and Supplies for Home Birth Setting

Midwives are required to carry equipment and supplies to ensure safe home birth practice

pdf Policy on Home Birth Transport

Formal arrangements must be in place for transport from home birth to hospital when needed

pdf Standards of Midwifery Practice

Midwives are required to adhere to standards of practice

pdf Continuity of Care

Midwives ensure continuity of care throughout the childbearing experience

pdf Policy on Approved Canadian Midwifery Education Programs

The Council has approved a number of education programs in Canada

pdf New Registrants’ Policy

Newly registered midwives must practice with a fully licenced midwife

pdf Policy on Out-of-Hospital Birth

Midwives provide care during normal labour and birth in out-of-hospital as well as hospital settings.

docx Quality Assurance Program Policy

Clinical midwives are required to participate in ongoing quality assurance activities.

pdf Policy on Competency Assessment and Bridging Programs

Internationally educated midwives must successfully complete an approved competency assessment and bridging program

pdf Canadian Midwifery Registration Examination

Midwives are required to successfully complete the Canadian Midwifery Registration Examination (CMRE)

pdf Second Attendant Policy

Midwives must work with a qualified second birth attendant for out-of-hospital births.

docx Policy on Independent/Private Midwifery Practice

There are additional registration requirements for midwives who wish to work outside a health authority employment framework

pdf Policy on Ordering and Administering Controlled Drugs and Substances

Midwives may order and administer controlled drugs and substances in hospital only


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