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The mandate and legislated duty of the Council is to serve and protect the public interest by regulating the practice of midwifery. The Council registers qualified, competent midwives to provide safe, high quality care to women and their families in Nova Scotia. The Council is mandated to protect the public by ensuring that all registrants engaged in clinical midwifery practice are safe, competent and ethical practitioners.

The Council is responsible for:

(a) regulating the practice of midwifery in accordance with the registration, licensing and professional conduct processes set out in this Act and the regulations;

(b) establishing, maintaining and promoting standards of midwifery practice; and

(c) approving and promoting a code of ethics.




Did You know?

In order to use the title “midwife” in your professional work or activities you have to be registered with the Midwifery Regulatory Council of Nova Scotia.

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